The Broadband VI Difference

Because our territory comes with unique challenges like storms and sea spray, rugged terrain, and urban and rural areas Broadband VI works extra hard to make sure that the needs of all our residents and businesses can be met.

We are the only ISP in the territory to offer both wireless and wired connections so depending on the location of your home or office we can help you have the most reliable service possible. Broadband VI is the territory’s biggest partner with viNGN and continues to work hand-in-hand with viNGN to increase availability across the territory so that you have access to some of the fastest fiber connections in the Western Hemisphere.

We know that your time is valuable! If you are new to the territory, we know you need to get your home and business online as quickly as possible and with as little hassle as possible. If you are new to Broadband VI, we know you want to experience the difference we can make in your connection right away. We won’t keep you waiting with our promise to have you connected within a few days.

Please visit our Hurricane Recovery page and submit your information for our service call list.