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Broadband VI was founded in the Virgin Islands in 2002. Everyone working in our offices loves living in America’s Paradise and we intimately understand that living in our remote location makes our connections to the rest of the world that much more important. Whether you are connecting with business colleagues around the globe, your child is working on homework, you are communicating with family and friends who live away, or you need to do some online shopping, we know that having fast and reliable service is important to you.

Staying connected in your business and personal life is important to you and your connection to Broadband VI is important to us. We work hard to keep your internet steady and fast and if you ever experience issues, please give us a call.

Broadband’s role in our islands’ community and as a member of the RTPark is important to us as well and we are passionate about the youth of the territory and their education. Broadband continually supports local schools, youth activities like steel pan groups and little league teams, and has employees teaching classes at UVI.

Broadband VI is a true start up business created and grown in the Virgin Islands because of a need to serve the territory.

One of the founding members of Broadband VI, Rick Hasson, shares the very beginnings of the company and how it has continued to grow as the territory’s need for high speed internet has grown.

“I had one of the first if not first professional home office business licenses, Richard M. Hasson, CPA, P.C., at our home in Teague Bay. At the time, the only service available as a residence or affordable for business was dial-up. There were a few high-priced T-1 lines but these did not make economic sense for most businesses and were only available in a few areas. As a subscriber to Forbes magazine, I read an article about an island in the Pacific that had just begun providing internet service by satellite. I gave this some thought on how I could do that here on St Croix. Shortly thereafter, one of my clients began constructing Global Crossing on the North West end of St. Croix. I had one friend, Mike Meluskey, who had a residence here but worked for a company in the states. He spent much of his time travelling stateside to various clients but wanted to work here. The other soon-to-be partner, Jerry Smith, had recently left his local management position of Radio Shack here on St Croix. A good friend introduced us and Jerry recognized an opportunity as well. Broadband VI, LLC was incorporated October 2002. (Wow, this year will be 15 years.)

As Mike was still travelling and I had my CPA practice, Jerry was the first to be on the ground doing the installs etc. The first problem was bandwidth. Although we had made all the contacts and things were moving forward, we hit a wall when Global Crossing declared bankruptcy – our source of bandwidth had temporarily diminished. To continue, we were able to purchase a few of those high-priced T-1 lines earlier mentioned and bundle them together and transmit the last mile by wireless radios to our new business and residential customers. To do this, our first office location was in the Caravelle Hotel where we were able to terminate the T-1 lines. This new wireless service at that time was leaps ahead of the available dial-up services.

Our early growth was word of mouth and we knew most of the local business owners. Eventually Broadband VI was able to contract with Level 3 and obtain true broadband bandwidth. Our business continued to expand on St Croix and we began to look for opportunities on St Thomas/St John. This led to our purchase of Surf VI which had a small wireless operation primarily providing service to businesses on St Thomas. The costs of this growth and related need of financing as credit availability was pretty much nonexistent post 2008 and had become a drain on our personal finances. A new program, RTPark, approached us to become a member. BBVI was a good fit and the relationship with the RTPark became a win for both entities. RTPark now had a broadband product to provide to the University and their corporate members and BBVI’s increased available cash flow eased the need for outside financing. The RTPark benefits enabled us to continue to make the needed capital investment in the infrastructure throughout the Virgin Islands and allowed us to hire 30 local Virgin Islanders who are still currently employed today.

Shortly thereafter, Jerry Smith decided to sell his interest in Broadband VI so he and his wife could move closer to their aging parents stateside. Bill Neville purchased Jerry’s interest. Bill’s business technology background and understanding of the Virgin Islands proved to be a good fit and has allowed Broadband VI to continue to expand.

Recently, I approached Bill that I was interested in selling my member interest and wanted to give him first refusal. As the company has grown over the years, the demands on my time grew much more than I want to commit to and I recognize is needed. I believe with Bill in control the company will be well cared for and continue to take Broadband VI, LLC in the best direction. Me? I’m looking forward to spending time with the kids in their activities, consulting on projects of my own choosing, and having the flexibility to continue travelling.”


Thank you for browsing the Broadband VI website! We are thrilled for you to learn more about our exciting portfolio of products and services and, most importantly, our team of dedicated professionals.

Broadband VI was built on core values of fast, reliable internet and superior customer service. All team members are passionately committed to these core values.

Our company was founded by Virgin Islanders 17 years ago and is proud to remain locally owned and operated. With increasing investment in network infrastructure, equipment modernization, fiber build-outs, and new technology deployments, Broadband VI is dedicated to continuous innovation to meet and exceed the business and residential needs of all Virgin Islanders.

We are committed to serving the Virgin Islands with the latest technology and customer experience that our customer base and the broader community deserves.

Bill Neville


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