Test Your Connection

Check your network connection and speed.

Useful Technology Terms

  • Hardware
    This could be a router/switch
  • LAN – Local Area Connection
    (this is all your devices connected to one another via a router)
  • Wired LAN – Wired Local Area Network
    (this is all the wired devices connected via your router)
  • Wireless LAN – Wireless Local Area Network
    (this is all the wireless devices connected via your router)

Directly Connect to Broadband VI Service

A direct wired connection to our service without hardware will produce the best results for bandwidth testing. Broadband VI offers Dynamic IP and Static IP connection options via an ethernet cable. We will only accept hard wired results for speed tests, so to begin you should be aware of your connection type.

Fig. 1 Directly Connect to Broadband VI Service

Average Home Network

If you are testing through a router your results will vary. This is because a router in an average home network shares the connections between multiple devices always. In most cases the result you gain is the remainder of speed not used by the other devices.

Fig. 2 Average Home Network

Understanding Your Home Network Types

How fast data can be transferred over a wired connection or wireless connection depends on the quality and data transfer capabilities of one’s hardware and cables.

Having all the computers physically wired to a router (or sometimes a switch) is the fastest way to transfer data between devices on your network.

Many customers love the ease of connection provided by WIFI, but wireless speeds are affected by a number of factors. Wirelessly LAN is typically slower and suffers a few more reliability problems than Wired LANs.

  • Wireless signals are subject to interference from other home appliances including microwave ovens, cordless telephones, and garage door openers. With careful installation, the likelihood of interference can be minimized.
  • Wireless signals are subject to distance from the hardware emitting the signal. The further away you are from the device the signal degrades. This means your speed and connection will degrade in addition to any walls between you and the hardware.

Wireless networking products, particularly those that implement “802.11n” or “N Band” routers are comparatively new. As with any new technology, expect it will take time for these products to mature.

Most routers today come with both wired and wireless options all in one package, this is a great purchase and is best suited for any home application.

Fig. 3 Wired LAN
Fig. 4 Wireless LAN
Fig. 5 LAN (Local Area Network)

Know Your Connection Type

It very simple to do a speed test, we recommend using www.speedtest.net because it will default to the best server we provide and a speed result is most accurate. For our fiber package we recommend speedtest.vingn.com. We do ask that all tests be done directly connected to our service without a router.

We do understand that not all customers are tech savvy and just want to test the bandwidth speed; all we ask is when emailing us about the service you note your connection type. You can use the images below to get your network type. We recommend using a PC/Laptop and not a small wireless device like iPads or smart phones.

Fig. 6 Wired Connection Through a Router
Fig. 7 Wireless Connection Through a Router

Start a Speed Test

We do ask that all tests be done directly connected to our service without a router.

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