Surge with Broadband VI

Surge with Broadband VI

Surge Broadband joins Broadband VI

In February 2019, Broadband VI acquired the assets and operations of Surge Broadband in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Surge, a Florida-based internet service provider, has served markets including South Florida, Puerto Rico, and the USVI.

I’ve been a Surge customer. What does this mean for me?

The acquisition of Surge’s USVI operations complemented Broadband VI’s market presence, particularly on St. Thomas where Surge’s services were focused, as Surge’s network and technologies were compatible with those already deployed by Broadband VI, and its residential and business internet offerings were well-aligned to Broadband VI’s services. Following the acquisition of Surge’s USVI operations, Broadband VI took great care to provide a seamless transition for Surge customers. The combination of our networks added capacity and reach for all customers.

Surge Customer Portal

Legacy Surge customers may continue to access the Surge self-service portal at, or contact Broadband VI via telephone or email.

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