PoE Troubleshooting Guide

Experiencing Issues with your connection? Please follow these simple steps:

  1. Perform a “Power Cycle” Check all power sources and connections to ensure that they are on and secure.Your POE device light should be on and steady.:
  2. Find your POE (Power-Over Ethernet) device which is a small splitter located inside your home used to power your Broadband VI system. Please see the reverse sidefor the type of POE you may have in order to continue step 3 & 4.
  3. Disconnect the POE and router power source a single black cord that is not an ethernet cable.Preferably, disconnect the power cord from the wall or surge protector rather than directly from the devices.Wait a full 3minutes (A power-cycle will fail if insufficient disconnection time is not allowed.).
  4. Confirm that the ethernet cables are securely plugged in all of the way to the correct port, as indicated on the affixed Broadband VI label. Reconnect the POE power cord, followed by the router power cord.

POE Style 1: P+Data Out = Outside Cable | LAN/Data In = Indoor Cable
POE Style 2: Gigabit Data+Power = Outside Cable|Gigabit Data = Indoor Cable
POE Style 3: RJ45 = Outside Cable | Switch Hub = Indoor Cable

If your issue is not resolved, continue performing arouterbypass asdescribed in steps 5-7.

5. If you are using a router, use multiple devices, (ie: computer, laptop,tablet, phone) and have a home wireless network (WiFi), Remove theindoor(usually yellow)cable from your router or home network device as indicated by your POE Style.

6. Connect the indoor cable you just removed from the router and directly connect to an Ethernet port in your laptop or home computer.Power offyour router.Reboot your laptop or home computer and try to connect to the internet.

7. If you are able to connect to the internet once you have bypassed the router then you may have an issue with your router. You may check the cables, power cord or contact the router manufacturer for further assistance

POE Style 1

POE Style 2

POE Style 3

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