Hurricane Recovery

Hurricane Recovery

Broadband VI is rapidly rebuilding its network across the islands of St. Thomas, St. John and St. Croix. We have been focusing on connecting first responders, business customers, and schools. We are now ramping up to re-connect residential customers. If you aim to a site that has partial service (see list below), please let us know you want to be reconnected by either:

  • Filling Out Customer Request Form Below
  • Or stopping by the STT office, located in Charlotte Amalie across from the Seaplane. Or the STX office located in Christiansted across the street from Fort Christianvern.

*** please note BBVI does NOT have phone service currently, please do not try to reach us via phone

Current Partial Service areas on STT & STJ Include: Ross, Downtown Charlotte Amalie, some areas around Schneider Hospital, Flag Hill, Tutu, Bakkeroe, Frenchman’s Bay, Red Hook, Nazareth, Bovoni, Wintberg, Mandahl, and Cruz Bay STJ.

Current Partial Service Areas on STX include: Blue Mountain, Estate Cottage, Sunny Isle, Princess, Little Princess, Richmond, Pull Point, Green Cay, Cotton Valley, and Mt. Welcome.


Q. Do I need power for my radio / internet to work? Will you come out to my home if I don’t have power?

A. If you currently have WAPA service in your home or your home is powered by a generator we will be able to come to your home to re-connect or install service. You MUST have WAPA power or generator power at the time of the service call.

Q. Why does my neighbor have service and I don’t?

A. We have multiple towers across the island. Each tower hosts multiple Access Points. Some towers sustained total damage affecting all access points, other towers only a few access points were damaged.

Customers in the same location could point to different towers or access points within the same tower. Our network and tower teams are assessing and diligently working on restoring and rebuilding our towers and other infrastructures.

If there was no damage to your equipment and the access point you connect to is functional your service will work once it is powered by WAPA or generator.

Q. The tower and access point is operational in my area, why don’t I have service?

A. If you have any issues with your radio reconnecting please send an e-mail to A service ticket will be created and we will contact you in advance when a technician will be in your area. At this time we are prioritizing restoring service to critical community businesses and services and then will move on to residential locations in the coming weeks. We assure you our technicians are working as quickly as possible to rebuild the network and restore service to each customer, we ask for your patience and understanding in this difficult time.

Q. I used to have Broadband VI and I still have the equipment can I reactivate?

A. Due to your account closure you will be required to fill out New Customer Signup Form and will incur a $199 installation fee. Our technicians will have to service the radio in your home and/or install new equipment. Note: All previous account balances must be PAID IN FULL, prior to receiving service, we will notify you if you have a previous account balance.

Q. Why am I receiving a bill?

A. The e-mail you receive each month for billing is automated. If there is a balance owed from any month and any amount you will receive an e-mail. If you currently do not have service you will not be billed until service has been returned.

If you owed any monies prior to hurricane Irma or Maria you are still responsible for payment of services rendered before the storms.

Customers who did not have service in October and continue to not have service are not being billed. However, you will receive automated e-mails each month for any past due balances amount.

Hurricane Recovery Questions

Please visit our Hurricane Recovery page and submit your information for our service call list.