Do I have to have a phone line (land line) or cable to get set-up?
No. The internet service is provided wirelessly through a Radio Frequency Service.
Can I use more than one desktop computer or laptop at my home/business?
Yes. A router is required to share the signal with more than one computer. A router may be purchased at any computer supply store.
How much does it cost to get the service installed?
The standard installation fee is $199, due at time of installation.
What is considered a "standard" installation?
A standard installation includes the mounting of the external radio, running the wire indoors through one small opening, and hooking up the Power Over Ethernet (POE). The installer will run a test to ensure the radio is working at the desired location.
Do I own the equipment once I pay the installation fee?
No. All equipment is property of Broadband VI. The installation fee is payment only for the set-up process.
When is my monthly payment due?
Broadband VI offers a subscription service. Payment is due no later than the 20th day of the month of service. (For a complete explanation of payment and fees, refer to the "Terms of Service".)
What forms of payment are accepted?
Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, personal/business check, money order. Cash can be paid through one of our affiliated banks. Please call for details.
If I rent my home/apt, can I still get service?
Yes, with permission from the landlord or owner.
Is a contract required?
No. Any changes made to an account must be put in writing. The installation fee is non-refundable, regardless of length of time of service.
What happens if I move? Do I have to pay another $199 installation fee?
The move fee is $100. Let the office know of the move as far in advance as possible so an installer can be assigned to set up the service.
Where do I mail my payment(s)?
PO Box 26304, Christiansted, VI 00824.